Wednesday 18 April 2012

French Connections on the Coast

In addition to the numerous Hughes variants working the West Coast, the Aerospatiale Squirrel and Twin Squirrel are a significant part of the helicopter scene providing valuable lifting capabilities ranging from the dedicated Air Ambulance model at Greymouth to a general commercial work variant at Hokitika and a myriad of sight seeing machines at the Glaciers.

Fox & Franz Heli Services AS350BA ZK-HBI takes on a load of tourists at Franz Josef 12 April 2012.

Fox/Franz Heli Services AS350B ZK-HHM outside my late Uncle's house at Franz Josef 14 April 2012.  Repainted since I last saw it!

Glacier Helicopters AS350BA ZK-HJE at Fox Glacier 14 April 2012.

And ZK-HJE again a short time later arriving at the pilots home at Franz Josef!

Glacier Helicopters AS350B2 ZK-HNQ at Fox Glacier 14 April 2012. Also on location, but hangered, was AS350BA ZK-HJQ.

The Helicopter Line's AS355F1 ZK-HPE at Fox Glacier 14 April 2012.

The Helicopter Lines AS355F1 ZK-HPF departing Franz Josef 12 April 2012.

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