Monday 9 April 2012

Oxford Easter Fly-in #1

The annual Easter Fly-in was held at Oxford this year. Here are a selection of photographs from that gathering.
Two Piper Cubs - above is ZK-BKX (c/n 18-4684) from Fred Bull's "Riverlea" Station near Sheffield. It has been with either Fred or John Ogilvie of Sheffield since 1981.
Below is the BNX Syndicates PA18-150 ZK-BNX (c/n 18-5453)
A selection of weight shifters called in, including the P and M Pegasus Quantum 15-912 ZK-CDT2 (c/n 8135) of Richard Mason from Rangiora. This was imported from the UK in May of 2010

In the hop, skip and jump department were the Jabiru J120-C UL ZK-EFG3 (c/n 001) of Hamilton Computer Services from Rangiora. This one flew across from Australia for Euroflight of Tauranga back in November of 2009.
And below is Grant Porter in his Avid Mark IV ZK-JHW (c/n 1434D). Not trying to outdo the competition - this one flew from Feilding to the Chatham Islands and return in April of 2004.
Photos kindly supplied by Bargeld01.

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