Sunday 22 April 2012

Darfield fundraiser 22-04-2012

Today was the two yearly fund raiser fly-in for the local area volunteer fire brigade at the Darfield airstrip alongside the West Coast Highway 73. Once again organised by Charlie Draper and his team. I counted twenty eight aircraft on the field just before lunchtime.
Above we have Fred Bull's Piper Cub ZK-BKX (18-4684) a little crossed up on short final.
Mine host had his Beagle Auster A109 Airdale ZK-CCW (B528) and his Auster J1-B Aiglet ZK-AYU (c/n 2730) on the field.

Below we have the scale model of a Grumman F9F-6 (F-9G) Cougar which put on quiet a good display.
Below :- A photo of the photographers aboard the Robinson R44 Raven 11 ZK-HTZ3 (c/n 12261) of Darfield Helicopters Ltd.
Below - The Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser ZK-SXY5 (c/n 09SC265) is the Aerosport Aviation demonstrator.  Anton has had a good week with sales I believe !
Below is my "shot of the day" showing the Cessna ZK-BKG (30376) trundling over the fence posts.
They say the camera never lies !

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