Friday 20 April 2012

Bell 2o6B JetRanger 11 ZK-HDU.

Handbag has asked for a pic of the Bell 206B Jet Ranger 11 ZK-HDU2 (c/n 1337) as used by Beck Helicopters of Eltham. Here we get both sides of it as seen at Ardmore on 02-12-1993. It carries the name "Araminta" on either side of the nose.
It was delivered to Petroluem Helicopters of Lafayette, Lousiana on 05-04-1974 as N59524. From march of 1984 it was with Tex-La Spray Systems Inc of Beaumont, Texas and the next I heard was that it was back with Bell Helicopter Textron Inc in June of 1987 before being passed to Edwards and Associates for onward sale. It was cancelled from the US register in December 1988 and came to Paraparaumu for rebuild by K P Domonkos. It was listed as ZK-HDU to Beck Helicopters Ltd on 18-10-1990 and is currently still with them.

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  1. hdu currenttly isnt airworthy she is in the process of being rebuilt/refurbished so will fly again one day,alan did have up at his house the remains of his jetranger hpc and the old police crunchie machine hzx