Thursday 26 April 2012

Question time # 148 resolved.

Told you it was a give away !

Rayner123 has scored the chocky fish. (Flick me your snail mail address to my email address as in header photo).
It is indeed the Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP (c/n 500-842-98).

The photo was taken on 19-04-2012.
It must have been clean up day in the hangar as most of the aircraft were outside.


  1. has this aircraft been re-registered to ZK-CWP!!I have it as a Bantam microlight.

  2. Hello there Englishmark.
    Your Bantam is the second allocation of the ZK-CWP marks.

    The first issue was to this Aero Commander between April 1968 and July of 2002 at which point its registration was revoked by the CAA. It is now used as a training airframe at the ANZ Engineers Training School at Christchurch Airport, along with half a dozen other airframes.

  3. What part of the aircraft was the original photo of?

  4. It is the pointy bit - right at the very front.

  5. The very lovely Aero Commander 500 was operated by the Rotorua Aero Club and was Ip's [Ian Palmers] baby. Should be still flying!!!!!!!


  6. Hi Blue Bus

    Thanks for the update.Pity it has been retired.

  7. My dad flew from USA