Sunday 1 April 2012

Civilian at Ohakea.

Nelson Aviation College's Cessna 172R ZK-NAD4 (c/n 80899) is the old ZK-JLY.
Looking through the rising heat 750 & 777.
Sport Aircraft had their TL-3000 Sting ZK-SPS (c/n 10 SI 12) on site.
The Cirrus SR20 VH-LDV (c/n 1995) of Lance Weller is now NZ based. There is a small article on Lance's plans, in the March copy of the NZ Aviation News Magazine. page 6.
Cessna 510 VH-PWX (c/n 510-0269) is registered to Aeromil Pacific on the Gold Coast and operated by Flight Options. It flew over from Bankstown, via Lord Howe Island and into Wellington on Thursday 29th.
All pics from Nick F

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