Tuesday 10 April 2012

Mustangs at Wanaka

A unique gathering of Mustangs occurred at Wanaka this year.
There was the genuine North American P-51D Mustang ZK-SAS (c/n 111-36299 from Mustang Flights of Wanaka, as well as F-51D ZK-TAF (c/n 122-41369).
Ivan Campbell from Campbell Aviation of Loburn had his Titan T51 Mustang U/L ZK-MSY (c/n 0035) on display. Above we have Jerry Chisum and Ivan Campbell readying for an aerial photo shoot.
The Kiwi Thunder Group's Papa51 Thunder Mustang ZK-TMG2 (c/n 018) was on the flight line but unfortunately was unserviceable.
Cessna had two examples of the Cessna 510 Mustang on the field. Above is the Acernus Aero ZK-MUS2 (c/n 510-0300). Also on site was the Air Hawkes Bay ZK-LCA (c/n 510-0011).
Based on the Field is the Ivan Krippner Bushby MM1 Midget Mustang ZK-DDC (c/n AACA/107).
In the visiting aircraft park was the Bushby Mustang 11 ZK-CAR (c/n 1713) belonging to John and Trish Crawford.
An attempt to get four of them airborne for an air to air session was thwarted by the Thunder Mustang being U/S and previous commitments by the P/T-51's.

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