Tuesday 10 April 2012

Random Wanaka photographs

No apologies for showing (above) another view of Hallett Griffin's DHC-2 Beaver ZK-AZB (c/n 156), and (below) Frank Wrights Beaver ZK-BVR2 (c/n 1467). Note the different positions of their respective carb air intakes. [Early Beavers had it at the bottom of the engine cowling, but this was changed to the top right and further aft from about c/n 562].
ZK-AZB took part in the top dressing demonstration, whilst ZK-BVR was on display showing Franks rebuilding handy work. It was also for sale (and alas my Lotto did not come in).
 A Cessna slightly different from all the others !
ZK-BCR started life as a Cessna 175 Skylark in 1958. Basically a 172 but powered with the geared -opposed 175hp Continental GO-300A. This gave it a top engine cowl with a raised section down the centre covering the drive to the prop. this particular airframe was rebuilt in the US in 1992 to a tail wheel configuration and a 180hp Lycoming O-360 installed under a standard cowling. It is currently registered to Shaun Gilbertson of Wanaka.
Piper Super Cub ZK-BTS (c/n 18-6201) has been listed with Brendon Jones of Christchurch since March of 1991. Its first operator was the New Plymouth Aero Club from April of 1958 followed by the Nelson Aero Club from November of 1963 and then came some eleven other operators.
Below is the Curtiss P40N-1-CU ZK-CAG2  (c/n 28492) of The Kittyhawk Partnership. This side it is marked to represent the RAAF Kittyhawk A29-1050, whilst on the port side it is in its original A29-448 markings.


  1. Regarding ZK-CAG, in John King's book The Whole Nine Yards it is explained that the aircraft carried both serials when it was found. IIRC it still is yet to be explained why.

  2. Looked up my old logbook to see that I did my PPL flight test in BTS
    on Nov 27 1963---fto was Clarry Berryman----doesn't the time go by!
    Great to see its still flying.

  3. Thanks Handbag.
    Very odd !

    I seem to remember my FTO was a Mr Bennett about one year later.
    Can't find logbook #1 at the mo to confirm.

    1. Can't imagine how you could forget Harold Bennett!