Friday 13 April 2012

Random Wanaka photographs #7

The Goodyear FG-1D Corsair ZK-COR (c/n 3205) from the Air Tight Trust did its thing several times. In another life time (1945 - 1949) this was with the RNZAF as NZ5648.
In plain wrapping was the Champion 7GCAA ZK-CPM (c/n 7GCAA-68) of Peter Hendricks Classic  Flights Ltd. This was the long time aircraft for Jim Berkett of Lower Hutt - in fact - from February 1975 until sold in August of 2011.
From The Vintage Aviator Ltd came this Fokker D.VIII Replica - But which one ?
Is this ZK-FES2 or ZKFEV2 ?
And sorry about the non period background.
Above is the Cessna 305A Bird Dog, probably better know as the Cessna L-19A and later as the Cessna O-1G Bird Dog ZK-FYA (c/n 22737). This was cranked out for the US Army as s/n 51-16903 (as in the tail number). It came to NZ via South Vietnam and became ZK-FYA on 12-08-1991 with Raven Air Ltd, then to Bird Dog Aviation in September of 1991 and to its current listed owner, Spy Valley Trust from 20-10-2011.
Another bit of useless info is that ZK-FYB was earmarked for the Bird Dog that became ZK-DOG2.


  1. I would suggest ZK-FEV. FES has (or perhaps had) a white lightning bolt on the fuselage.

  2. Thanks Anon.
    We will call it ZK-FEV then.