Sunday 16 December 2012

Some regulars at Ardmore

An hour spent at the runway 21 "observation" point last week netted a few of the locals at Ardmore and it was nice to hear the grunty Cessna 206's and Cirrus in the circuit....

U206G ZK-MIF has been for sale at Flightline for a few months, noted now minus its Wanaka Flightseeing titles. 

U206G ZK-NOC, wearing a small Pacey Trucks sticker, arrived and then carried out some circuits. 

One of my favourites - Cirrus SR22 ZK-FMN spent some time in the circuit. 

R172K ZK-TXP is registered to Air Lease Ltd of Manukau 

R172K ZK-MXP is registered to Auckland Airlines Ltd of Papakura

O-1F Bird Dog ZK-NAM short finals for the grass. 

The only out of towner snapped, TR182 ZK-LWW is listed with a Whakatane address

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