Wednesday 19 December 2012

More Rangiora snips.

Out to Pasture. The SG Aviation Storm 300 ZK-COW2 (c/n NL-001) has been put out to pasture at Rangiora. Registered in September of 2001, it moved to Rangiora for The Flying Cow Ltd in January of 2004. I have never seen it flying in all its time at NZRT.
On the other hand - a regular flyer is the De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-BCO (c/n 83420) of the BCO Syndicate of Swannanoa. It arrived on the 17th for a visit to Pat Scotters maintenance hangar. The US registered DC-3 is still parked up in the background.
Just departing from Pat's hangar today, with the Pipistrel taxying in, was the Partenavia P68B ZK-LAL (c/n 70) of Air Manawatu. It has been lurking around the Christchurch area for some days.
Photos above from Allan Bowman.
Noted below at NZCH on 11-12-2012.


  1. LAL has no seats in it?

  2. Cattle class then !
    Or more likely chickens.

  3. heard them on the comms doing mapping work

  4. Actually now that you mention that - I did hear a Partenavia working NZCH Tower and it was just off the coast around Brighton Beach (Christchurch). I just assumed (stupid thing to do in aviation)that it was one of the Canterbury Club ones.

  5. Ha Huh . . . just shows you cannot make too many assumptions in the passionate aviation circle !!!!

    cheers and Merry Christmas from PD