Friday 14 December 2012

Homegrown Single Seat Homebuilt Aircraft of New Zealand - Grimmer Skylux

A very interesting addition to New Zealand's homegrown single seat homebuilt aircraft fleet was registered on 10/12/12, at Hastings.  This is registered as an Amateur Built Aircraft (rather that a Class 1 Microlight as most of the other homegrown single seat homebuilts have been)

Gavin Grimmer's own design, the Grimmer Skylux (c/n 1005-2) is a single seat glider towplane powered by a converted Lexus V 8 engine.  Gavin has had a lot of experience with automotive engine conversions in homebuilt aircraft with his Maranda ZK-JGR (which has the c/n 1005-1), and it will be interesting to see how his Skylux performs.  Thanks to Nick Furmage for the photo.

Look out for it at a gliding club near you?

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