Tuesday 4 December 2012

CAA Aircraft Register access.

In the last few days access to portions of the NZCAA Civil Aircraft Register has been denied to the general public.

Have a look at the link below - the wording of which has been changed again today.
Last paragraph now infering that further options are being considered.


If you are a follower of the Aircraft Register - please send an email to oia@caa.govt.nz stating your concerns about the loss of access to this information.

Blue Bus

There may be hope yet.
Or has New Zealand aviation history become history.


  1. Very sad news! I have used this many many times in the past to confirm aircraft types, location of home bases etc. Oh well, CAA won't listen, so maybe it is time for a large number of simple OIA requests...

  2. who is the idiot who decided that.ought to be flogged cant get the dave wise nz registar(dam good info)anymore


  3. The new Dave Wise address is

    Cut and paste that and you should score.

  4. Bugger. Does that mean that you will stop doing the ZK Review in the NZ Aviation News magazine? Hope not as I look forward to reading that every month.

  5. I would have thought it would be better to suggest that people email the Privacy Commissioner as it seems it was them and an unhappy aircraft owner that have caused the CAA to change things suddenly.

  6. I have already send a email to NZCAA expressing my dismay on a country bumkin who doesn't have anything else better to do and ruin enjoyment for many aircraft fans.--Shame on you CRIME AGAINST AVATION.

  7. Looks like it is back again, minus any address info. Would be nice to know town/ city at least, but at least it is something...

  8. Thats good news ,but it is still not good enough.revert back like it should be.Access to everyone in NZ and the rest of the world for people that support aviation in New Zealand.

  9. Hang on, why should CAA be able to publish the personal information, including as is often the case, the home address details of aircraft owners?

    It is a crime against aviation.

    A privacy crime and a human rights crime against aircraft owners for having their details published.

  10. Ok ,so you are a human rights person.Good for you.All we ask for is the owner / company and place of residents in New zealand.Not his personal address.Why dont you take a leaf out of the UKCAA register.They only publish information as detailed above.