Sunday 23 December 2012

Jodel D 11's of New Zealand - Factory Built, and a Close Cousin

In addition to our 35 homebuilt Jodel D 11's we have had 2 other Jodels imported into New Zealand, as detailed below:

ZK-CGL (c/n 668) is a Jodel D 112D which was manufactured by ETS Valladeau in 1957 and was registered as F-BIGL.  It was designated as a D 112 because it had a Continenetal A65-8F motor.  Roger Valledeau was licensed by Joly and Delemontez in 1953 to build D 9's and D 11's, and ETS Valledeau built F-BIGL in 1957 and delivered it to the Aero Club Les Ailes Belvesoises of Belves in December 1957.  This makes it the grand daddy of new Zealand's D 11's at 55 years old!

It migrated to the UK  where it was registered as G-BCGL on 24/4/74, andf after a succession of UK owners it was registered to TJ Maynard at Kaukapakapa, New Zealand on 19/5/00.  It was cancelled from the UK register on 19/12/03.

It was first registered in New Zealand as ZK-CGL to TJ Maynard on 30/3/04.  It is photo'd above on 19/2/05 at North Shore, by Greybeard.

I have seen it in several hangars at North Shore but I have never seen it flying.

And our other Jodel import is ZK-JOD (c/n 350) which is a DR 1051 Sicile model built by Avions Pierre Robin.  Pierre Robin approached Jean Delemontez in 1957 with an idea of building an improved Jodel to be based on the D 10 wing.  The D 10 was not proceeded with when the popularity of the D 11 took off.  Eventually Delemontez produced a new design which became the basis of the DR 100 series of Jodels.  DR stands for Delemontez-Robin.  The DR 1051 Sicile was developed by Pierre Robin for air racing with streamlined fairings, and was very successful including winning the air race of Sicily for which the model is named.  It has a 105 HP Potez 4E-20 motor.

The DR 1051 is a 2+2 seater and is slightly bigger than the D 11 having a length of 6.5 metres (compared to the D 11's 6.2 metres), and a wingspan of 8.72 Metres (compared with the D 11's 8.2 metres), and it has a higher MAUW of 750 KG (compared to the D 11's 616Kg).

ZK-JOD was flown to New Zealand as HB-EBX in 1979 and was first registered ZK-JOD on 28/8/81, to JA Bryant of Christchurch.  It was sold to JN Byers of Christchurch on 14/6/88, with whom it is still current.  It is photo'd above at the 1987 AACA flyin at Omaka.

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