Sunday 23 December 2012

Christmas Question time. # 160

Here is a selection of well cropped photographs for you to ponder over.
One chocolate fish goes to the first person who correctly answers each of the 22 questions.
As usual no correspondence will be entered into (unless accompanied by a blank cheque).

 # 1
What aircraft manufacturer built this aircraft ?
Correct answer received for DamoH: Gippsland GA8 Airvan door runner.
# 2
Aircraft type required.
Any idea what's happening here ?
 Correct answer received from Anonymous: Pilatus PC6 Porter wing with lift destroying fence.
Aircraft manufacturer and model please.
Correct answer received from QW: Rans S-12 Airaile ZK-KII. 
Manufacturer and model please, and (optional) where is this photograph taken ?
 Correct answer received from Anonymous: Beech C90A (ZK-FDN2) at NZCH
The ladder on the right is not part of this structure. What aircraft type will this finished product represent ?
 Correct answer received from ZK-CKE2 : Fokker Eindecker.
What engine type does this exhaust belong to - and that should tell us what aircraft type this is.
 Correct answer received from ZK-CKE2 : DH Gipsy six (or Queen) Rapide/Dominie.
Is this mums hair dryer ? If not - what is it used for and where would you expect to find it.
 It is a jet engine !
Aircraft type please. Any comment about the possible use of this aircraft ?
Five rotor heads. Name the five types (left to right)
Correct answer received from Planecrazy4:  Hughes 369; 269; 269; R22; Bell47. (not a "J")
More exhausts. What engine is this ?
Correct answer received from ZK-CKE2 : Bristol Hercules.
Amateur built to professional standard. What type do you think we have here - and any idea what engine lurks within that cowling ?
 Its a tandem seater !
I think we all know what this is - but what is it fitted on ?
Who manufactures these hinges ?
 Correct answer received from Anonymous at 30: 0911pm: Meeker is the manufacturer I was looking for.
Aircraft type please. If you know that then you will be able to tell me its registration letters !
Correct answer received from Anonymous: DH98 Mosquito ZK-MOS. 
Aircraft type please.
 Correct answer received from Anonymous: Piper PA-28 (disconected flap).
What purpose does the bear serve ?
What markings does this aircraft wear ?
 Half correct answer from QW. Sopwith Pup marked as "N6460".
Whats this then ?
Correct answer received from ZK-CKE2 : Bristol freighter passenger pod. 
Name the aircraft type and model (and purpose - in this particular case).
Correct answer received from Anonymous: Aero L-29 Delfin. Nose section of ZK-SSS used for promotional purpose (flight sim) 
What on earth (or in the sky) is this then ?
Knowing that - tell me the type and model of aircraft that you would expect to find this object ?

 Correct answer received from bobgod. Bell 205 (UH1-H) Iroqouis
Aircraft manufacturer and model please.
 Correct answer received from Anonymous: Cessna 525 CJ4 (Citation ZK-PGA).
# 20
Type please.
Correct answer received from QW: Rotorway Exec 162FA ZK-YHC/ZK-HSW2.
Type please.
Correct answer received from Planecrazy4: Canadian Home Rotors Safari ZK-HOV3.
 Manufacturer and model please.

Correct answer received from ZK-CKE2 : Cessna 170.


  1. #17
    Aero L-29 Delfyn
    Purpose Light Trainer?

  2. #14 Piper PA-28

    #18 Robinson R22 Main Rotor Blade

    #19 Cessna Citation

  3. #4 Beechcraft C90A King Air at Christchurch

  4. #19 Cessna CJ3+ 525B ZK-TBM

  5. #13 Mosquito KA114 ZK-MOS Rear MLG fairing?

  6. #19 Cessna citation CJ4 525C ZK-PGA?

  7. #2 Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter. Some form of lift destroyer on wing when picketed?

  8. 5. Fokker Eindecker
    6. DH Gypsy Six - DH Dragon Rapide
    10 Bristol Hercules (B170)
    11. Zlin Savage - Jabiru 2200
    12 Pilatus Turbo Porter
    16 Bristol freighter Passenger Pod
    22. Cessna 170

  9. #1 Gipsland GA8 Airvan
    #18 Bell 206 Jetranger main rotor blade

  10. #9 Left to right MD 500, Hughes 300, Hughes 300, Robbie, Hiller

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  12. 9=h500,h300,h300,r22,bell47j the photo taken of hft @ ardmore

  13. I reckon # 11 is the Just Aircraft Highlander ZK-MLT, and the engine is a Rotax 914 Turbo

  14. #17
    Aero L-29 Delfin
    This is a trailor mounted nose section ex ZK-SSS used for promo purposes.

  15. QW - GA Long Haul News24 December 2012 at 22:13

    Number 21 may be a Guimbal Cabri G2


    Questions still requiring correct answers are #3,7,8,11,12,15 and 21.

  17. QW - GA Long Haul News25 December 2012 at 21:09

    #7 Would appear to be some sort of jet? I am going to guess an Windward Performance Sparrow-Hawk

  18. UPDATE.
    #7. QW - Long haul news, is working the correct area.

    #11. Sir Minty. Not a Just or a Rotax.

    #18. Getting close DamoH. Rotor blade - yes.

    #21. Getting close there QW. Small helicopter.

  19. Would 21 be a Schweizer/Hughes 300?

  20. 20 is possibly a Rotorway helicopter

  21. must be time for some more clues but im guessing 11 is either an aviat husky or a highlander homebuilt

  22. #12, Meeker, attached to a MD.