Friday 7 December 2012

Jodel D 11's of New Zealand (5) Jodels Rule OK!

 ZK-EDG (c/n AACA/17/2) was built by Jack Inder at Dargaville, and was first registered on 4/4/77.  This was Jack Inder's second aircraft (after Turbulent ZK-CGT), and continued his minimalist colour schemes.  It is photo'd here at the 1978 AACA flyin at Nelson.

It was sold to MR and HN Kilsby and GS Jeffries of Hobsonville on 7/8/78, then to NL Sieling of Clevedon on 27/1/82.

It was then sold to Coryn Williams of Dargaville on 12/4/85.  She flew the aircraft widely throughout New Zealand, and it is photo'd here in her ownership at Christchurch in 1985.

Finally it was sold to Tony Den Haan of Cust on 3/9/01.  It is photo'd above at Omarama by Blue Bus, on New Years Day in 2008.

More recently it was refurbished by Tony Den Haan and repainted in the colour scheme as above, as photo'd by Blue Bus at Rangiora on 28/5/09..

ZK-EDR (c/n AACA/301/1) was the first of Russel Woods' aircraft which includes another ZK-EDR as a Jodel D 18 (to be posted later).  It was first registered on 14/5/75 and it first flew at Christchurch on 9/4/75.  It is photo'd above at the 1981 AACA flyin at mt Hutt.  It was sold to DM McDonald of Christchurch on 22/11/90 and then to WW McWilliam of Masterton on 4/4/94.  It was refurbished and repainted in 2005.

It was sold to Nick Furmage of Stratford on 20/6/08, who is a Jodel afficionado and who contributes to this blog.  It is photo's here departing the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow at Masterton on 17/1/09.

The above photo is from Nick Furmage and was taken at Paraparaumu in 2010.

By this time it had the Jodel's Rule OK art on the rudder.  Sadly it came to grief at Stratford on 24/10/10 when it was caught in a severe downdraft on finals and struck a hedge.  It was cancelled on 10/12/10 but I hear that it may be being rebuilt.  It would have to re-appear with a new registration (see above).

And our final D 11 for this post is Alan Caithness's ZK-EEH (c/n AACA/305/1) which he built at Temuka and first registered it on 31/5/76.  The above photo was taken at the 1981 AACA flyin at Mt Hutt, the only time I ever saw it.  It was sold to JV Wilson of Timaru on 9/8/85 and then to SH and JN Rankin of Whangarei on 9/2/90.  Somewhere along the line it was damaged and withdrawn from use.  It was cancelled on 6/6/96.  However it will reappear in a future blog post as ZK-RNR.


  1. that is me in edr along with nick at the masterton airshow,it was a quick trip down just over an hr from stfd,she went sideways(wings to the vertical)coming out of the manawatu gorge,then on the way home it took a little longer ground speed was 60-65 knots from memory still was a great day/airshow

  2. Yeah I remember that Nathan lad ya looked a bit Green after that for a bit.

    I was told that it was better to go Left or Right and not down the middle so went in between middle and Right. Man she went up on the wing quicker than one could think all very exciting it was.

    Yes long trip home.Just had a look at me Log book and we were down to 45knots on the GPS for over an hour. Even though had enough gas decided to top her off in Wanganui. Can never have to much gas as it was looking like SD was socked in but we managed to get in. It ended up being 2 hours 50 minutes home .......

  3. Rebuild of the former ZK-EDR is proceeding well with Bill Izard at Kihikihi. Bill is incorporating some modifications during the rebuild, so it may be a bit different when it reappears.

  4. I remember going to see this plane being built in Russel Woods garage uunder his house i think (i was about10 and the tear would have been 1970 ish.) My dad new Russell.good on you for rebuilding it must be pretty historic.regards Rusty Knight