Saturday 1 December 2012

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HMR cancelled

Listed as cancelled yesterday (30-11-2012) was the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HMR3 (c/n 2119).
Built as N23343 back in April of 1992 it shuffled over to Japan and became JA7890 on 24-08-1992 with Minao Suzuki. With 830 hours it was sold to NZ and became ZK-HMR3 on 05-01-2004 with Rotor Flite NZ Ltd of Auckland who forwarded it on to Ruawaro Holdings Ltd of Huntly from 31-03-2004. The photo above shows it in the old hangar at Tauranga on 31-03-2004.
It was sold to Michael K Gray of Kahutara Hills, near Kaikoura; on 06-10-2009.
It is seen above at Pacific Aircraft Services at Christchurch on 26-07-2012.
On 31-10-2012 it had a heavy landing near Kaikoura and was cancelled from the CAA listings on 30-11-2012.

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