Sunday 30 December 2012

Christmas Question Time # 160 revisited.

We still await the correct identification of clues  , # 7, # 11, # , and # 15.
I will now give additional photo clues for these.

The original Post can be seen at this link :-


Original question #3 photo clue
Additional photo clue 3A.
The question was :- Name the aircraft manufacturer and model.
Correct answer received from QW: Rans S-12 Airaile ZK-KII.
Original photo clue # 7
 Additional photo clue 7A
 The question was :- What is this used for and where would you expect to find it.
An added extra would be if you could name the glider type !
 Not a self launcher.
Original photo clue # 8
 Additional photo clue 8A.
 The question was :- What aircraft type is this ?   Any comment about the possible use of this aircraft !
Half correct answer from QW. It is indeed float plane. 
Correct answer received from Anonymous: Maranda Seaplane at Invercargill.
Original photo clue #11
 Additional photo clue # 11
Original question was :-
Amateur built to professional standard.
 What type do you think we have here -
 and any idea what engine lurks within that cowling ?
Original photo clue # 12
 Additional photo clue # 12
The original question was :- Who manufactures these hinges ?
Correct answer received from Anonymous at 30: 0911pm: Meeker is the manufacturer I was looking for. Your 0914pm answer added the correct (but not required) ZK-HWH registration.
Original photo clue # 15
 Additional photo clue # 15
The original question was :-
What purpose does the bear serve ?
What markings does this aircraft wear ?
(apart from that obvious roundel)
Original photo clue # 18
 Additional photo clue # 18
The original question was :-
What on earth (or in the sky) is this then ?
Knowing that - tell me the type and model of aircraft that you would expect to find this object ?
 Correct answer received from bobgod. Bell 205 (UH1-H) Iroqouis
Go for it.
Quiz will close on my birthday.


  1. 8A Looks like some sort of floatplane.

  2. 5 is the Sopwith Camel/Pup replica at the RNZAF museum at Christchurch. The markings are N6460. Not sure of the bear though

  3. No.18 is Bell 205/212?

  4. 7A - would the jet be for self launching without the need for a towplane. Would the glider be a Sparrow Hawk?

    8A - Thinking it has folding wings and may be a microlight ultralight floatplane.

  5. #12, Meeker, fitted to HWH?

    #18, Bell UH1 H.

  6. 3A is either a Rans S12 or S14.

  7. Addition to above 3A comment, is it registered ZK-KII

  8. #18, UH1 H if it was an Airforce machine. 205 is a civie designator. 212's have an asymmetric blade profile.

  9. #8 and 8A is the Maranda floatplane at Invercargill.