Friday 21 December 2012

Jodel D 11's of New Zealand (10)

This is my last post on Jodel D 11's of New Zealand - all 35 of them, which makes the D 11 our most numerous homebuilt aircraft.

ZK-PAS (c/n AACA/374) was built by Martin Steele of Blenhiem.  It was first registered on 2/11/83 and first flew on 12/11/83.  It was damaged in an accident at Titirangi Bay in the Pelorous Sound on 12/10/84, but was repaired as evidenced by the above photo which was taken at the 1989 AACA flyin at Taieri.  It was sold to WB Byrch of Greta Valley on 2/12/01 and then to SP White of Auckland on 6/2/04.  It then went to Aero-FX of Nelson on 15/8/09 and finally to CJ Edge of Westport on 14/7/10.  It is currently undergoing extensive re-work at Rangiora.

ZK-PJG (c/n AACA/294) was built by Les Ginders of Nelson and was first registered on 17/6/85.  It is photo'd above at the 1986 AACA flyin at Matamata.  It was sold to RS Ginders of Christchurch on 22/7/96 and then back to Les Ginders of Blenhiem on 1/2/06.  It the transferred to the Beaver Road Ginders Family Trust at Blenhiem on 28/8/07.

The above photo of it was taken at Rangiora in October 2006.  Finally it was sold to TR Leighton of Motueka on 8/12/08, with whom it is still current.

ZK-RSB (c/n AACA/314) was built by Russell Scott of Balclutha, and was first registered on 8/4/82.  It is photo'd above at the 1986 AACA flyin at Taieri.  It was sold to the RSB Syndicate of Dunedin on 23/7/97 and then to MJ Anderson of Auckland on 16/2/03.  Its registration was revoked on 2/6/04 but it was re-registered to MJ Anderson, this time of Mosgiel, on 23/9/04.

It has not changed much over the years, as shown in this 2009 photo of it, again at Taieri.  Thanks to Ray Bremer for the photo.

ZK-SUE (c/n D 5135) was built by Graham Walker at Whangarei and was first registered to Graham and Sue Walker of Whagarei 0n 5/11/79.  It first flew in December 1979.  It is photo'd above at the 1981 AACA flyin at Mt Hutt.  It has been owned by Graham and Sue Walker for its entire life.  It was withdrawn from use in 1999, but it was restored in 2011.

It is photo'd here at Dargaville after restoration, on 21/6/11, by Jean 210 of this blog.  Thanks to him for the photo.

And finally (for now) ZK-RNR is one of our latest D 11's.  Its origins go back to ZK-EEH which was built by Alan Caithness of Temuka and was registered to him in May 1976.  It eventually made its way to Steve Rankin of Wahagarei in 1990.  It was withdrawn from use and cancelled on 6/6/96.  Steve re-engined the aircraft with a Franklin Sport 4 engine of 135 HP and re-registered it on 16/2/99.  It has the original c/n of ZK-EEH, being AACA/305.  It is photo'd above at the 2000 AACA flyin at Matamata.

It was sold to PR Gene of Feilding on 15/12/02 and it is still current with him.  It is photo'd above departing the 2009Wings Over Wairarapa airshow on 17/1/09.

The Jodel D 11 has been a very successful homebuilt sport aircraft in New Zealand, with 27 out of the 35 registered examples still registered, and of the 8 that have been cancelled (ZK-DBY, ZK-DGA, ZK-ECX, ZK-EDR, ZK-EEH, ZK-EFK, ZK-EJP and ZK-FHB), two are being actively rebuilt (ZK-EDR and ZK-FHB).  This doesn't allow for the fact that ZK-EEH became ZK-RNR, so have we only really had 34 D 11's?  Anyway, they have been around since 1968 - that's 44 years!

There have been other D 11 projects registered but none were completed.  One of these, ZK-EVE, was registered to Hugh R Evans of Ashburtion and then Waikauiti from 20/3/87 until it is noted as withdrawn and cancelled on 21/11/06.  Thanks to information from Russel Woods, this aircraft was never completed.

While this is the end of the Jodel D 11's of New Zealand series, there are a couple of other groups of Jodels that I will post next.



  1. i think its fhb not fjb as fjb when i last flew it was a 172 the jodels being actively worked on.also since eeh was reregisted as rnr you cant count it as written off

  2. OK picky picky! Actually I thought 3,109 (nominal number of letters in the post minus one), out of 3,200 ain't bad! So I have changed it!

    Actually, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. hi there, alive and well and now living in Westport, doing wot it was built to do, fly, thank you , colin ,owner,

  4. Hi there Colin.
    PAS is back where it should be - In the air.
    I have watched its slow progress at Rangiora for over a year.
    Happy and safe flying.