Monday 10 December 2012

Austair ZK-DBU

Sir Minty captured the Auster J/F ZK-DBU (c/n 2096) out at play at North Shore yesterday (09-12-2012). As you can see it is cunningly disguised as the NZ Military Auster NZ1702. This is one of six Austers obtained by the RNZAF in 1947. A seventh was acquires in 1956 for the RNZAF Antarctic Flight. NZ1702 was the last of the Austers withdrawn and was noted for tender in June of 1970. It became ZK-DBU on 28-07-1970 with J F Crandle, K C and T R Jacobs and R D Meade of Auckland.
The photo below was taken at Masterton on 27-02-1972.
On 05-02-1988 it was listed to Brian Peet, E Jacobs, Stan & Gilly Smith and K C Jacobs.
It was withdrawn and stored for a period at Dairy Flat from 17-01-1991 until flying again after a rebuild on 24-02-2001 and was registered to Brian Peet and Partners on 19-03-2001.
It was listed with its current owner Austair of North Shore on 10-09-2003.
View above was taken at Omaka on 11-04-2009.

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