Monday 30 December 2013

ZK-PCS up on the hard

Thanks to Geoff Lloyd we have a pic of the Cessna U2006F ZK-PCS (c/n U206F-02433) ["Beth" on its engine cowl] getting some attention at Masterton yesterday (29-12-2013).
I wonder what was found in that tail end ?
This is the only time I have seen this aircraft on "dry" land.
 A 1974 model which had a busy career in Canada as C-GBCS before arriving in NZ in 1997 to become ZK-PCS on 20-05-1997 with Westland Air Charter Ltd. It was listed to Westland Flying Ltd of Hokitika on 03-10-1997 and returned to Westland Air Charter Ltd on 11-01-1999.
It was based on Lake Brunner until moving up to Picton Harbour in March of 2006.
Below is how I remember it. Picton on 16-02-2009. 
I notice that late in November the Cessna U206G Stationair ZK-MCG was transferred from Cludden Station to Westland Air Charter Ltd of Picton. So (can) I assume that MCG now wears the "boots" ?
 It has already spent time on floats down south in the 1980's.


  1. ZK-MCG has been operating across Cook Strait over the past few days...on floats I presume between Picton and Porirua Harbour

  2. corrosion??? not unusual when they operate from salt water.