Sunday 15 December 2013

Pics from NZCH

Matt Hayes has sent in a couple of pics worthy of posting.
 Captured back on November 4th at Garden City was the seldom seen Hughes 269A ZK-HLQ2 (c/n 115-0421) as operated by Daryl Condon of Bruce Bay, Westland.
This is an ex US Army helicopter from 1964 followed by a spell in the US civilian police force at Lawrenceville, Georgia from 1979. It came to NZ in 1995 for the van der Helm's of Raglan and moved down to the deep south mid 2012.
 At Christchurch on Friday the 13th was the Fairchild SA227-AC ZK-LFT (c/n AC582) of Airwork Flight Operations Ltd of Auckland. It looks a trifle naked minus all of its Life Flight etc signage.
Pic below shows how it was.
This one was built in 1984, came to NZ and became ZK-PAA on 15-09-1997 for Airwork and was operated for Westpac Rescue. It was re-registered as ZK-LFT for the LifeFlight NZ contract.

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