Sunday 29 December 2013

Avid Flyers of New Zealand (3)

Our next batch of Avid Flyers, up to 2000....

ZK-CAD (c/n 1207) is an Avid Mark IV which was built by William D Witherow of Dunedin, and it was first registered to him on 19/12/95.  It is photo'd above at the 2001 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.  It overturned in soft sand at the Taieri River Mouth on 1/4/06, but was repaired and is still current.

ZK-DBM (c/n 1461) is Don Mahon's second Avid Flyer.  It is a Mark IV model that he first registered on 13/11 96, and it is still owned by Don and is current (although not often seen away from its base in Arrowtown).  Thanks to Don Mahon for the photo.

ZK-JHW (c/n 1434D) is another Mark IV Avid Flyer, that was built by B S McKenzie of Auckland and first registered on 17/4/97.  It went to B W Ford of Hamilton on 24/3/00 then to P J Havill of Wellington on 24/2/02.  It was rebuilt in 2003, flying again on 18/10/03, based at Feilding.  It flew to the Chatham Islands in company with John Bolton-Riley's Sky Arrow ZK-EBR on 9/4/04 and returned on 13/4/04 - a pretty impressive flight for an Avid Flyer.  It was then sold briefly to the Kaitaia Aero Club, on 3/2/07 and finally to G M Porter of Christchurch on 21/11/07.  It is photo'd above in the old hangar at Wigram in December 2007.

It was then re-covered again and appeared in this mainly silver scheme as photo'd at the 2011 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.  It is still current.  Thanks to Blue Bus for the above photos of ZK-JHW.

ZK-WEN (c/n 1226D), an Avid Flyer Heavy Hauler (Ultralight!) model built by Warren Newland of New Plymouth.  It was first registered on 12/12/97 as has a Jabiru 2200 engine.  Warren Newland moved to Whangarei and then sold ZK-WEN to   H B Jenkin of Auckland on 3/12/02 under whose ownership it is photo'd at Pikes Point.  It then went to P J Karl of Ohaupo on 26/7/05 for a short time, and finally to G I Royds of Ashburton on 10/10/05.  It is still current.

ZK-SMH (c/n 745) is another Avid Flyer Heavy Hauler, built by Bill Irwin of Cromwell.  It was first registered on 10/2/99 and is also not seen much outside its home base.  Thanks to Bill Irwin for the above photo.  Bill still owns ZK-SMH.

ZK-DLR (c/n 1542D) is a Mark IV model, and is our only tri-gear Avid Flyer.  It was built by Lionel Reeve of Tauranga.  It was first registered on 3/5/00 and is still owned by Lionel Reeve.  The above photo was taken at the 2002 SAANZ  flyin at Matamata.

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  1. RE: ZK-DBM. I am Greg Foster, current co-owner, along with my brother Andrew, of "DBM. I purchased "DBM from Don back in Feb 2018. "DBM is based in Alexandra but hasn't flown for over 6 months ( I had a bad fall at the start of this year and broke my back, but its mending). My brother Andrew is really keen to get her in the air again, so we are both working to this end at this time (aiming for mid June).