Sunday 15 December 2013

Robinson R44 ZK-HQV

Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HQV2 (c/n 11684) was listed to Skysales Aviation (NZ) Ltd at Christchurch on 24-04-2007. It is seen below in their hangar on 16-05-2007.
 It was sold and registered to Coastwide Helicopters Ltd of Greymouth on 14-06-2007 and is seen below with Company script added outside Heli Maintenance Ltd at Christchurch on 28-11-2007.
 Coastwide became part of Mount Hutt Helicopters Ltd and an ownership change to this effect took place on 01-08-2010. They in turn became part of the Kershaw Aviation Group.
Ownership of HQV moved to BJC Property Ltd (another way of saying Blair and Jayne Chapman - previous owners of Mt Hutt H/C) on 27-09-2013.
It is seen below back at Heli Maintenance on 04-10-2013.
And below it was captured on finals at Hastings yesterday by Des Smith.


  1. Has she been sold or leased out to a North Island Operator, good machine I used to fly her on the Coast.

  2. Evening Anon.
    She is still listed to BJC on the CAA register.
    Maybe he is working it up there !
    I think you have 28 days to lodge any change of ownership.


  3. The candy cane looks a bit short...

  4. operated by HeliNorth