Friday 20 December 2013

Black 51 is airborne.

 Today was the first flight of "Black 51" from Christchurch after over ten years since its last flight.
Aero L-29 Delfin ZK-JRF (c/n 892851) was ex Czech Air Force 2851 and retains these markings.
After it was withdrawn from use by the CAF it was stored at Perov and then at Pisek.
It was purchased by John Shivas and was imported into NZ and stored in John's Christchurch hangar alongside his Eurocopter EC120 ZK-IFR .
It was registered as ZK-JRF on 30-10-2007 to Wairakei Holdings
Assembly was begun by Heli Maintenance Ltd in mid July of 2011 as time permitted.
Engine was running by early August of 2012 - Taxi and engine runs from about 03-10-2013. 
Below - pre flight completed and waiting.
Happiness is the owner just receiving last minute paper work via cell phone.
Here we are looking through the cockpit of its close cousin L-29 ZK-VAU of Soviet Star.
Take off occurred at 1232 local.
Sorry - but for reasons unknown I cannot load the short video clip (new camera - old operator).
Two shots of her arriving back after its first flight
It did several flights today in the hands of Ian Griggs of Soviet Star.
L-29's ZK-VAU and ZK-JRF together.
This concrete pad may well become a busy place shortly with two L-29's and a third one due up from Timaru shortly, a Blunty in the hangar just to the left of this pic and a two seat Vampire on the other side of the field.


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  2. Thanks errolwi.
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