Wednesday 4 December 2013

Auster ZK-AWH again.

This aircraft got a brief mention in an earlier post. See:-

The first two pics of ZK-AWH below come from the Ed Coates Collection.
First one was taken at Hastings in the 1950's
Below a pic from the mid 50's by James Dyson via David Molesworth and the Ed Coates Collection.
It looks like it is wearing the MDAC badge on the cowling; has the fuselage stripe and the registration moved to the fin and rudder.
Below I caught it at Taieri in the early 1960's in another colour scheme whilst under the ownership of M H Mee of lauder.
Not is now has the J1B rudder but still has the unusual louvered engine cowling and the short exhaust.
Below are two shots of her at Pudding Hill on 25-01-1981.

Below we have a shot from Russell Woods.

Above ZK-AWH is seen on the Dudley Payne strip and comes from Allan Wooller.
And two taken at Christchurch International Airport on Tuesday 03-12-2013.


  1. I flew as a passenger on this aircraft ZK-AWH (I think) as a kid, in the late 70s it was owned by Doug Watson for several years in Mount Maunganui. Lost contact with the Watson when I moved but assumed they stayed involved with aircraft as they had a hangar there. If you know what happened to them please catch me through the URL below, thanks.

    1. Hi Paul
      yep we are still about, mums in the same house.

  2. I had my first aeroplane ride in this aircraft, with my brother and sister , from Milson, sightseeing over Palmerston North. Cost us rather a lot of pocket money but very exciting! Some time in the late 1950's at a guess. very pleased to see its still out and about!