Monday 16 December 2013

Avid Flyers of New Zealand (2)

Continuing the history of Avid Flyers of New Zealand.

ZK-MMP (c/n 397) is a Speedwing model built by Maurice Plowright of Opua with a Rotax 618 engine, and was first registered on 11/11/92.  It was sold to PJ Karl of Ohaupo on 18/8/06 and finally to IF Heappey of Ohakune on 21/8/09, with whom it is still current.  The above photo was taken by Flyernzl at Tauranga.

ZK-NIC (c/n 1208C/MAANZ/488) is a STOL model built by Nick Kagan of Lowburn, and was first registered on 14/6/93.  The above photo was supplied by Flyernzl from Trade me when the aircraft ws for sale, and it can be seen that Nick Kagan used the aircraft to fly into the backblocks of central Otago.  It was sold to RW Cohen of Napier on 10/1/13 and is currently out of the air, but current.

ZK-VID (c/n AACA/763), an Avid Flyer Aerobat, was one of Paddy McDonnell's first homebuilt aircraft, and was first registered to him at Ashburton on 8/12/93.  The above photo was taken at the fog affected 1993 AACA flyin at Rangiora.  It was sold to PC Taylor of Te Anau on 1/8/96 and was damaged in a ground loop on take off at Alexandra on 12/3/04, and then sold in a damaged state to JD Cranstoun of Kirwee on 23/5/06.  It was cancelled as withdrawn on 13/7/07.

But it re-surfaced with Paddy McDonnell again and was re-registered on 7/2/08, this time with a Jabiru 2200 engine.  The above photo was taken at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, where the aircraft wears Paddy McDonnell's trade mark silver with a yellow diagonal stripe colour scheme.  It is still current.

ZK-RWT (c/n 782) is a Mark IV Speedwing model built by Rudi Wenk of Paraparaumu and first registered to him on 13/12/94.  It was sold to the Jevon Snowden, Frank Rowse and Bernie Baskerville-Robinson syndicate of Paraparaumu on 14/12/98 then to Jevon Snowden and Frank Rowse on12/9/00.  Its registration was revoked on 22/2/02, but it was re-registered to Frank Rowse on 30/7/02.  It was sold to J Varley of Wellington on 1/9/02 and finally to KB Smith of Manakau on 20/10/08, with whom it is still current and active at Ardmore.  The above photo was taken at the 1998 AACA flyin at Matamata.

ZK-JDF (c/n 1459D) is a Mark IV model that was built by John Sinclair of Tahakopa, and was first registered to him on 19/12/94.  It had a Rotax 912 engine and an Ivoprop propellor.  It first flew on 19/9/05 and was later based at Balclutha.  Thanks to Flyernzl for the photo.  It was sold to HR Hamilton of Hokitika on 17/1/11 and was damaged in an accident on a West Coast riverbed in 9/13.  The remains are at Rangiora and it is unlikely to fly again.

ZK-JFR  (c/n 1206C) is a Mark IV STOL model built by (or for?) HE Bennick of Levin, and it was first registered to him on 4/8/95.  It was sold to PC McKinley of Wanaka on 23/4/98 and then to W & B Penman of Palmerston North on 17/1/01.  It is photo'd above at the 2011 MAANZ flyin at Masterton, and it is still current.

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  1. ZK-VID is still current and flying in Opotiki. Terry Rogers owner.