Tuesday 3 December 2013

Denney and Skystar Kitfoxes of New Zealand (3)

Our last batch of 6 Kitfoxes to date include a Mark IV and Mark IV Speedsters, a Series V and a Series VII, and finally a Kitfox Lite Squared, and 3 of these aircraft have been imported.  They are all still current.

ZK-CGT (c/n ADU 147) is a Mark IV and was built in the US in 1994 as N27KR.  It was imported into New Zealand in 1997 by the Taylor Family Trust of Wanaka and was registered ZK-CGT (for Cheryl and Graham Taylor) on 21/5/97.  Graham Taylor had been involved with the importation of the original batch of Kitfox kits into New Zealand with Graham Knauf.  It is photo'd above at the 2001 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.

It is photo'd above at the 2007 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton by Blue Bus.  It was sold to RP and EMH Yates of Christchurch on 19/10/09.

ZK-LYN (c/n AC5091) is a Kitfox Mark IV Speedster with the clipped wings.  It was built at Geraldine and was first registered to Pleasant Valley Holdings on 19/3/04.  It is still owned by Pleasant Valley Holdings but is now based at Queenstown.  Blue Bus took the above photo at Timaru on 27/11/10.

ZK-RJA (c/n 596110200) is a Skystar Series V Outback that was built by John L Anderson at New Plymouth and was first registered on 6/10/05.  It was sold to the K Miller Syndicate of Havelock North on 12/1/11 and it is photo'd under their ownership at the 2012 Taildraggers flyin at Bridge Pa.  Thanks to Nick Furmage for the photo.

ZK-JRK (c/n JB5074) is another Mark IV Speedster built by Graham E Kettle of Hamilton.  It was first registered on 13/6/07 and is photo'd above at an airshow at Matamata in March 2010 by Flyernzl.

ZK-ROX (c/n PFA 172D-14024) is a Skystar Kitfox Series VII.  It was built in Inverness, Scotland by Peter Akass as G-ROXY and was first registered in the UK on 23/10/03.  Peter Akass moved to New Zealand and bought his Kitfox with him, and registered the aircraft as ZK-ROX on 20/3/08.  It is based at Wanaka and photo'd above at the 2009  SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.

Also imported is our only Kitfox Lite Squared which was built in the US as N7800L and first registered there on 17/5/04.  It is photo'd above at Tauranga on 29/1/12.

It was imported to New Zealand and registered as ZK-ELE (c/n 2L0501-015) by Lloyd Renwick of Auckland and was first registered to him on 17/1/12.  It was sold to R Tait of Kawakawa on 5/11/13.  The above photo of ZK-ELE was taken at the 2012 Black Sands flyin at Raglan by Mike Condon.

This ends the history of Kitfoxes in New Zealand to date.  We may see more of them as several projects are still underway, and they are obviously pretty importable!

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