Wednesday 18 December 2013

Recent visitors to Ardmore

The following snaps have been taken at Ardmore over the last few days:

Taupo based Piper PA24-250 ZK-BAZ has received a new paint job since I last saw it. 

Another aircraft with a Taupo history is this machine, Cessna 337 ZK-DFT.  Its now registered to a Wanaka address but has been at Ardmore for a few days and noted parked at the Ardmore Flying School ramp. 

Cessna 172RG Cutlass ZK-ETG is registered to a Hamilton address. 

Wearing Central Helicopters titles, this Robinson R44 II ZK-IGK changed ownership the day this photo was taken to Heliflite Pacific. 

Skydive Ballistic Blondes of Whangarei operate this Cessna 172M ZK-JIB.  It has had a number of operators since being placed on the register back in 1997, then owned by the late Len Cowper. 

Not sure where this Cessna A150M ZK-MTM actually resides, it is registered to Clevedon Aviation. 

And lastly Cessna 180K ZK-SLM now hows its Kiwi identity added. 


  1. i see jbx in the backround which was dereg in october has this ever flown in nz let alone being to palmerston north

  2. I will stand to be corrected - but to the best of my knowledge it has never got airborne.

  3. MTM is based at Ardmore and normally lives in a hangar on the southeast apron. Clevedon Aviation is another way of saying "Dave Phillips"!

  4. Think you are correct Blue Bus, I do not recall having ever seen JBX fly.

    Thanks Leo re MTM, one I've not spied on the field before and yes - I gathered re the ownership.