Thursday 12 December 2013

Two Schleicher's for Christmas.

Two Cobra Trailers, with gliders inside, being unloaded, ex Germany, at Drury this week.
 The contents of said trailers were two factory new Schleicher gliders.
ZK-GRU (c/n 28754) is the ASW 28-18E model for Dmitry Moroz of Auckland.
ZK-GDK2 (c/n29661) is the ASW 27-18E for Derek Kraak of Christchurch.
Both have sustainer motors fitted.
Derek got the registration of DK (his initials) by persuading G Manolis and Jim Bicknell to re-register their original EoN 460 ZK-GDK to the new marks of ZK-GPN in June; thereby freeing the DK letters for re-issue.
Pics from Jo Aerts.

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