Saturday 7 December 2013

The first of Many. Cessna A188 ZK-CON.

The first of some seventy (plus) Cessna A188 for NZ.
This shot, from an unknown source, was probably taken during September of 1966.
The first Agwagon in NZ was initially allocated the registration of ZK-CKY in late 1965 but due to a late delivery it was instead issued the ZK-CON letters.
I was shipped into Auckland and then trucked down to New Plymouth and I believe first flew there on 31-08-1966.
ZK-CON was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd on 08-09-1966.
 It was demonstrated throughout the South Island that same month by Keith Wakeman.
and was officially listed to Rural Aviation Ltd (1963) Ltd on 03-02-1967.
ZK-CON was lost in a fatal accident in the Okau Valley on Mt Messenger on 28-02-1969.
A further fifteen examples arrived at Auckland in early October of 1966 and rather than truck them down to New Plymouth they were assembled at Ardmore by a team of Rex Aviation engineers flown up from NP. More were to follow.

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  1. Could open a flood gate of C188 pics here Dave .
    First pic looks like Fielding to me . second NewPlymouth.