Wednesday 22 April 2020

Zenair CH 750s of New Zealand

I have posted about our Zenair CH 750s previously but I will re-post this here to keep in the date order of the first example being registered, which was in December 2013:

The Zenith/Zenair CH 750 STOL was designed by Chris Heintz and was introduced at EAA Airventure 2008 as an off-airport STOL aircraft that slots in between the CH 701 and the CH 801. (And in 2013 a CH 750 Cruzer model was introduced designed for use from airport runways).

It is 11 inches longer (at 20 feet 10 inches) and 2 inches taller (at 8 feet 1 inch) than the CH 701 and has a 2 foot 9 inch wider wingspan (at 29 feet 9 inches) with a wing area of 144 square feet (compared to the CH 701s 122 square feet).  And it still has the fixed slats.  It also has a wider cabin and bigger cabin doors, and a more robust undercarriage.  Empty weight is 775 pounds (350 Kg) and MAUW is 1,320 pounds (600KG) which means it can be a LSA.  Power is from a 100 and up HP engine such as the Rotax 912iS, O-200, Jabiru 3300 or UL Power.

We have had three CH 750 STOLs in New Zealand to date, as follows:

ZK-FLN3 (c/n 75-7669) was built by Jeff Gilbertson of Wanganui and was registered to the Gildon Trust of Wanganui on 16/12/13.  Jeff told me that it first flew in February 2014 and it is photo'd above at Wanganui on 2/4/14.  Thanks to Jeff for the photo.

ZK-EAS2 (c/n 75-7075) was built by James H Nelson of Clearwater, Florida and was registered as N75JN on 12/7/12.  It was cancelled from the US register on 14/1/14 and imported into New Zealand by Hamish R Hamilton of Hokitika, being assembled at Rangiora, and it was registered here on 17/3/14.  It was photo'd above at Rangiora on 11/4/14.  Unfortunately it suffered an accident while landing in the Taramakau River bed on 8/6/14 and was badly damaged but I understand that it is being rebuilt.

ZK-VKG (c/n 75-8871) was built in the US and was registered N5970H to Clyde Rychel of Mims, Florida on 4/9/13.  It was imported by Deane Philip and it was registered to him on 6/10/15.  The registration ZK-VKG refers to the engine which is a 1.5 litre Viking Honda which produces around 110 HP.  On 14/12/15 ownership changed to Harvey E J Falloon of Wanganui and it is photo'd above under his ownership at the 2019 Thames Wings N Wheels flyin, on 26/1/19.

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