Sunday 19 April 2020

Something in the Sky Today!

I was excited to hear a passing Northland Emergency Services Trust helicopter flying past Warkworth this morning, after so many days of quiet skies.  I guess it was not so exciting for the patient being transferred to Auckland Hospital.

It was one of their new Sikorsky S 76 Cs ZK-HQC5.  Unfortunately it was a rather dull grey morning and it was in the wrong direction for the sun, but I managed this desperation shot.  I hoped to get a better photo of it returning but on following it on Flight Radar 24/7 it tracked inland on its return to Whangarei.

I think this was one of the very few medical emergency flights that have taken place, seemingly much less than the normal volume.

For a much better photo of ZK-HQC5 see:

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