Wednesday 22 April 2020

We Will be Seeing More Aircraft Movements

The CAA has issued a Continuing Airworthiness Directive that allows aircraft to be flown to keep their engines maintained in accordance with the engine manufacturers requirements.

This was after the Director General of Health agreed as follows:

On Saturday 18 April 2020 the Director General of Health agreed to allow aircraft that are at risk to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’ instructions during all Alert Levels (Alert Level 4 and those operators unable to operate under Alert Level 3 restrictions).

In practice this allows aircraft with Continental and Lycoming engines to be flown for one hour per month in the area of the aerodrome where they are based.  As I understand this may not apply for Rotax engines and I guess the details are still being worked out.  Aircraft owners need to make an application to CAA to have their aircraft approved for these flights.

So we may see the occasional Continental and Lycoming engined aircraft (such as RV 8s) out and about under Lockdown Levels 4 and 3.

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