Saturday 25 April 2020

ANZAC Day Centennial Celebrations 2015 (2) The Aircraft

After attending the Centennial dawn service at the Pukeahu War Memorial,  I headed over to the Wairarapa with Greybeard to catch the action around The Vintage Aviator's flying activities.

The first Anzac Day observance was held on 25 April 1915 at the small church at Tinui, around 30 kilometres East of Masterton and so it was fitting that TVAL provided a flyover of the 2015 Anzac Day service at Tinui (and they do so every year except of course for the last 2 years when sad circumstances have got in the way).  The weather continued to be great and there were lots of TVAL WW 1 aircraft out in the sun.  It was a most memorable day.

The DH 5 and two SE 5As preparing for their flight over Tinui

The late model BE 2c under the flying wires of the BE 2f

BE 2f and BE 2c lineup.

The flyover trio returned from Tinui.

To the unprepared Albatros D VA

Delticman scored a flight in the BE 2f

Later on the post WW 1 silver Sopwith Snipe was pushed out of the hangar into the sun.

Sopwith duo of the Triplane and the Snipe along with a replica Brooklands Bentley (click to enlarge to see the poppy on the headlight of the Bentley)..

Then the Germans came out to play - An Albatros D VA taxies out.

And the Albatros D II climbed out.

Here they are overhead, showing the differing wing layouts.

Then near the end of the day Gene De Marco strapped in to the Sopwith Camel and gave a spirited flying display.

And finally at rest in the setting sun.

I wonder if we will see another Anzac Day like it with TVAL.  

I hope so.  Kia Kaha TVAL.

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