Friday 17 April 2020

Walter Fletcher ZK-LAC

Our intrepid CMM has been out exercising his bubble in the overshoot paddock at the end of runway 29 at Wanaka and spotted the NZ Aerospace FU29-950 Walter Turbine conversion ZK-LAC2 (c/n 157) lurking in the trees beyond.
It is still on the register - but as can be seen the operators name is tape covered.
As I am sure a lot of you will know - this aircraft began life as VH-EDP in 1971 and on its return from Australia was converted to Walter turbine power and became ZK-NZSin February of 2004.
In 2011 it was re-registered as ZK-PDZ and became ZK-LUCfrom 07-11-2017.
ZK-NZS2 and ZK-PDZ3 have been covered previously on this site.
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Below a look down the Airfield.

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  1. This airframe is now being worked on at performance.