Friday, 10 April 2020

Tomark Viper SD 4s (Only One) of New Zealand

We are now up to 2013 in this series.  From around that time to the present there were quite a few sport aircraft registered of which we have had only one example, such as the Tomark Viper SD 4:

The first new type of sport aircraft to be registered in New Zealand in 2013 was the Tomark Viper SD 4.  It is a low wing side by side 2 seater of metal construction with aluminium skins and composite cowling and fairings, and it is manufactured by the Tomark Aero division of Tomark s.r.o. in Presov, Slovakia.  It first flew in 2007 and it has proved quite successful with 110 having been built up to 2016.

The specifications for the Tomark Viper SD 4 are:  length 6.40 metres (21 feet), wingspan 8.40 metres (27 feet 7 inches) and the wing area is 107.6 square feet.  The empty weight is around 292 Kg (644 pounds) and the MAUW in New Zealand is 449 Kg (990 pounds).  With a 80 HP Rotax 912 UL engine the cruising speed with the constant speed propeller is around 120 mph (110 knots) and the stall speed is around 40 mph (35 knots).

As noted above, we have had only one Tomark Viper SD 4 registered in New Zealand to date:

ZK-EAW2 (c/n 035) was registered to Wilson Aviation Ltd of Hamilton (Ewen Wilson) on 31/1/13.. It had previously been registered OM-M637 in Slovakia.  On 14/3/14 it was sold to the Wanganui Aero Club and it is photo'd above just prior to their ownership at the 2014 RAANZ flyin at Feilding, on 1/3/14.

It was sold to Solo Wings Ltd at Tauranga on 22/5 17 who refurbished the aircraft, and re-registered it as ZK-SWV on 6/11/17.  It is photo'd above outside their training facility on 6/3/18.

Solo Wings repainted ZK-SWV in their colours as seen in this photo that was taken at Pauanui on 20/9/18.

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