Thursday 8 December 2016

Texan Sonerai

I stumbled on your excellent blog today! 
Great Sonerai activity down under. 
Here is a recent photo of my 2005 S2L sporting a blueprinted Great Plains 1835 (VW) flying over NorthTexas!

 N994SP is c/n 40194446 and obtained its airworthiness ticket on 12-01-2005 to the listed manufacturer Scott E Plischke.

Merry Christmas!
Rob Ray


  1. Very nice.

    wait to you see the latest one out of Stratford Taranaki called White Knight and is very close to flying now.

    Keep an eye on the and type Stratford aerodrome blog into your Browser it will appear there when it takes flight

  2. Very fine, to see the Sonerai community in "down under".
    I am from Germany and fly a Sonerai 1 with 2200cc VW engine. I am part of the US Sonerai community on : have a look ..
    With best regards from Germany