Saturday 31 December 2016

DH 104 Devon NZ1808/ZK-KTT Airborne at Tauranga 30-12-2016

It is great news that the New Zealand Historic Aircraft Trust's DH 104 Devon NZ1808/ZK-KTT (c/n 04324) took to the air again at Tauranga yesterday afternoon, after several years of restoration work.  And our man on the spot, the Hairy Mole Rat was there to capture the action.  Thanks very much for the great photos Peter.

 A smoky start up!

 Lift off.

Gear coming up.

 And climb out - looking great.

Then taxying back after a 25 minute flight.  

Congratulations to all involved.

The previous history of this aircraft has been well covered in a previous blog post by Blue Bus at:

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