Saturday 17 December 2016

Kaipara Flats today # 2

And three more pics from Kaipara Flats today from Jean210.
 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-INC (c/n 10940) came onto the register on 28-02-2006 with Keith Sinclair at Heli Cam Aviation Ltd and was toted as the 'ENG' model - ie. Electronic News Gathering.
In August 2011 it shifted over to Coptahire Ltd of Silverdale and then on 11-04-2013 was listed with Silver Fern Helicopters Ltd - also of Silverdale.
It wears small 'Operated by Silver Fern Helicopter' script below the passengers door.
Aviat A-1B Husky ZK-RBC2 (c/n 2418) was built in 2007 as N266MA and after owners in Texas and Florida came onto the ZK register on 29-07-2016 with H and R Alexander Family Trust of Matakana.
This Husky was briefly mentioned previously  HERE
Our first (and only so far) Aeroprakt A-32 ZK-WCB is c/n 10 which came onto the register for Foxbat Enterprises Ltd of Pukekohe on 02-05-16. "WCB" being the initials of Warren C Butler who along with Sonja are the Company directors.

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