Saturday 24 December 2016

Pauanui This Week

Richard Currie has been back on the case at Pauanui this week and has captured the following aircraft of note:

Rockwell 114 ZK-JHL (c/n 14263) is owned by Jabatus Holdings Ltd of Whangarei.  This aircraft was originally VH-DRT and was first registered as ZK-JHL on 16/1/96.  On 15/4/14 it was de-registered and reverted to VH-DRT.  Then on 4/3/16 it was again registered as ZK-JHL.  It has not been posted on the blog previously.

Tecnam Astore ZK-AST2 (c/n 015) from North Shore.

SG Aviation Storm 300 ZK-ULT (c/n NZ001) from Tuakau.

Cessna 172N ZK-TJL (c/n 17269575) from Hamilton

and another much older straight tail C 172 - ZK-EHA2 (c/n 36748), also owned in Hamilton but based at Te Kowhai.

A long way from home is Cessna R182 ZK-MRG (c/n R18201738), all the way from Wanaka.

Finally a shot of Stark Airlines Gippsland GA 8 Airvan ZK-FSR2 (c/n GA8-06-099) just because it is so photogenic at Pauanui.

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