Monday 26 December 2016

Boxing Day at Pauanui

Here we have a selection of the aircraft movements from Pauanui for Boxing Day.
As usual from our man on the spot Richard Currie.
 The Bell 206L-1 LongRanger ZK-ITK2  (c/n 45628) is of 1981 vintage and came to NZ after a career in Canada. 
Heli Imports Ltd of Mosgiel listed it on 12-11-2014 and moved it on to Heli South at Balclutha from 12-12-2014. 
In mid-May 2015 it was listed to Balclutha Helicopters and then to Hopper Developments Ltd of Orewa on 01-04-2016.
 ZK-LAB is a Cessna R182 Skylane RG with the c/n R18201089 and has been listed with Ryan Place Ltd of Auckland since 04-07-2016.
 Tecnam P96 Golf ZK-TEB2 (c/n 217) entered the NZ register on 16-09-2002. 
It has been with current owner Sport Aviation Corp Ltd of Hamilton since 21-12-2013.
 The Robin R3000/160 ZK-TJH2 (c/n 164) began life registered in Germany in 1993 and came to NZ for Tim J Harrison of Auckland (hence the registration TJH). 
It is currently listed with a private owner.
Yak-52 'White 718' is ZK-YAC2 (c/n 822108) and following its military career entered the US civil register as N718PH in February 2003. 
Kevin and Angela Jane of Inglewood listed it here in NZ on 28-07-2004 before selling it to Yak 52 Ltd of Mount Maunganui from 27-08-2008.
This 1983 model Cessna U206G Stationair ferried into Dunedin on 02-04-1995
 and became ZK-NOK with Brian Hore of Nokomai Station on 04-07-1995.
It was transferred to Nokomai Ltd on 21-01-2003 and was re-registered as ZK-NOC on 23-03-2005 and on sold to Stationair II Ltd of Auckland on 06-05-2005. 
It carries the 'Pacey Trucks' logo on the fin fillet.

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