Saturday 31 December 2016

Pauanui final report for 2016

Richard Currie has kindly sent in these four photographs taken at Pauanui on 31-12-2016.
 The Classic Aviation Adventurer CA18-1530-C200 ZK-CMR (c/n PT001) was registered to Malcolm Savill of Hamilton on 10-07-2015.
Below is what the N Z Aviation News Magazine said about it at the time of its registration.
'Classic Aviation Designs Ltd (CADL) is a company that morphed out of Malcolm Savill’s Performance Engineering which designed and built off road racing trucks in the 80's and 90's. The concept of CADL was formed in 2008 and the company formally started in 2010.  The vision is to reintroduce affordable aviation at a grassroots level to new and experienced builders of aircraft, offering either scratch-built plans, or complete kits. In 2012 Malcolm unveiled his Cubflyer Education Programme at Oshkosh.  (see This programme is centred around the building of the Adventurer CA18 aircraft over a three year period within High Schools.  This full size reproduction is of a Piper Cub PA 18 but constructed mainly from timber. 
The prototype is classified as an amateur built aircraft.  There are three models in the CA18 series ranging from microlight class to full weight amateur built aircraft. 
The CA18-1530-C200 was registered as ZK-CMR in July to Malcolm Savill of Hamilton.'
 ZK-MBS (c/n 1275) is a SOCATA TB10 Tobago. 
Of French design and build - this one actually was imported from the States to be registered to the Massey University School of Aviation at Palmerston North on 04-04-1995. 
It joined its 12th and current owner Chris Worrall of Waimauku on 27-03-2014.
 The Grumman G164A AgCat ZK-RTA2 is c/n 441.
 It had an earlier agricultural career in Australia as VH-PUV2. 
It came to NZ and was rebuilt at West Melton using major parts of c/n 530 (ex VH-CCS1) and became ZK-MEX on 29-08-1996 with Pioneer Adventures Ltd of Christchurch.
It has had a swag of owners until Challenge Aviation Ltd of Waitara took it over on 27-11-2004. They  re-registered it as ZK-RTA on 18-01-2005. 
It moved to Tauranga in May of 2007 and on 01-05-2015 it was listed with Goodwin McKay Ltd.
This aptly registered Cessna 182T Skylane ZK-WYT (c/n 18281332) is a 2004 model which arrived recently in NZ to be registered to Peter Whyte of Auckland on 19-10-2016.

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