Friday 30 December 2016

Pauanui report for 30-12-2016

Marty Cantlon's lovely NuWaco T-10 ZK-WTW2 (c/n 21) visited Pauanui today.
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'Miss B'HAVIN' is Peter Walton's Titan T51 Mustang ZK-WSV (c/n 95).
Built by Mike Crene at Matamata it has a 2.7 litre V6 Suzuki engine driving its 84 inch Whirlwind propeller via a Autoflight reduction unit.
'Yellow 74' is the Nanchang CJ6 ZK-CVI2 (c/n 3632001). It carries the tail number '61744' which was its PLAAF serial number before being withdrawn in April 1992 and sold to a Perth enthusiast.
It entered the NZ register on 30-01-1998 with the Nanchang 74 Syndicate.
Operated by Volcanic Air Safaris Ltd out of Rotorua is this Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HAD2 (c/n 11986).
From the DJJ Syndicate at Waihi Beach came the Tecnam P96 Golf ZK-JAN3 (c/n 227).
This was originally registered as ZK-EHG on 04-12-2002. It was re-registered to ZK-JAN on 14-03-2011.
The Aero Design Pulsar XP ZK-KFC (c/n 403) seems to have been around for ever. It as in fact been registered with the Waihi Aviation Group since 17-04-1997
Thanks again to Richard Currie for this Pauanui coverage.

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