Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Monnett Sonerai 1 ZK-SNG at Stratford

As 2016 drew to a close another Sonerai emerged from Wayne Richmond's Sonerai works at Stratford.  "White Knight" is the spectacular Sonerai 1 ZK-SNG U/L (c/n 06571) of Gary Marsh, which was first registered on 19/10/16.

First flight was on 31/12/16 in the hands of Wayne Richmond and later in the day Gary Marsh also flew the aircraft.

I understand that ZK-SNG is a lengthened model, but is configured as a single seater, so it has a real long nose and great lines. It is also a low wing model which is different to our other Sonerai 1 ZK-EEV2 which has the shoulder mounted wing.

ZK-SNG joins the growing stable of Sonerais at Stratford which now includes ZK-SND, ZK-SNJ and ZK-SNW.

All feature the Stratford Sport Flyers crest on their tails.  Thanks very much to Nick Furmage for the photos.


  1. A correction chap

    SNW & SNJ are Sonerai 2LS (Stretch)

    SNG is the original Sonerai 2 seater built as a single seater. Length from front of Canopy to Spinner about 8 foot give or take. Strangely it has better visibilty due to the much reduced cowl cheeks (non Stretch also the turtle deck has not been rasied as on SNW & SNJ. Usually gets rasied about 2 inches) hope this is a bit more clear.

  2. Nick

    Is ZK-SNG dimensionally the same as the 2 seaters? And what engine does it have?

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  4. No SNG is the original Great Planes Sonerai 2 seater standard length (SNG being the only diff is it is built as a single seater and without the turtle deck being raised) SNW and SNJ are the later Sonerai 2 LS (Stretch version) with raised turtle decks. Engine Jabiru 80hp best combination of lightness and longevity Both SNW & Starlet ONE have done well over 700 hours and no issues. It's how they are installed and maintained that makes the difference.