Sunday 1 January 2017

New Monnett Sonerai 1 ZK-SNG at Stratford

As 2016 drew to a close another Sonerai emerged from Wayne Richmond's Sonerai works at Stratford.  "White Knight" is the spectacular Sonerai 1 ZK-SNG U/L (c/n 06571) of Gary Marsh, which was first registered on 19/10/16.

First flight was on 31/12/16 in the hands of Wayne Richmond and later in the day Gary Marsh also flew the aircraft.

I understand that ZK-SNG is a lengthened model, but is configured as a single seater, so it has a real long nose and great lines. It is also a low wing model which is different to our other Sonerai 1 ZK-EEV2 which has the shoulder mounted wing.

ZK-SNG joins the growing stable of Sonerais at Stratford which now includes ZK-SND, ZK-SNJ and ZK-SNW.

All feature the Stratford Sport Flyers crest on their tails.  Thanks very much to Nick Furmage for the photos.


  1. A correction chap

    SNW & SNJ are Sonerai 2LS (Stretch)

    SNG is the original Sonerai 2 seater built as a single seater. Length from front of Canopy to Spinner about 8 foot give or take. Strangely it has better visibilty due to the much reduced cowl cheeks (non Stretch also the turtle deck has not been rasied as on SNW & SNJ. Usually gets rasied about 2 inches) hope this is a bit more clear.

  2. Nick

    Is ZK-SNG dimensionally the same as the 2 seaters? And what engine does it have?

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  4. No SNG is the original Great Planes Sonerai 2 seater standard length (SNG being the only diff is it is built as a single seater and without the turtle deck being raised) SNW and SNJ are the later Sonerai 2 LS (Stretch version) with raised turtle decks. Engine Jabiru 80hp best combination of lightness and longevity Both SNW & Starlet ONE have done well over 700 hours and no issues. It's how they are installed and maintained that makes the difference.

  5. Richard Nicholson3 April 2018 at 03:57

    Good day fellas,
    My name is Richard Nicholson i would like to find out whether there are any Sonerai 2L’s with the Jabiru 2200 motor and if so how can get ino contact with you.
    Feel free to send me an email at