Friday 6 January 2017

Rangiora this day. 06-01-2017

I dropped in on Rangiora this morning hoping to maybe catch the new Savannah ZK-BIC.
But no luck.
It appeared to be hangar clean out or aircraft wash day.
Nothing new but some progress on two projects.
 Cessna 180 ZK-BDE (c/n 30459) has been around since late 1953. It has been reported on these pages previously.
 The Chilton DW1 ZK-CHT2 (elect) now awaits its lower engine cowling.
It will probably be a 'no show' at Omaka for Easter.
 The New Zealand Aerospace CT/4B Airtrainer ZK-JMF (c/n 086) was out under the pre frontal gloom.
 Locally based Ravensdown Aerowork Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-750 ZK-LTB (c/n 022) sit drying after a wash down.
Wings now on and the engine is installed on the Graeme Main TEAM HiMax.


  1. A press release for CF2017 says the (a?) Chilton will be there:

  2. I will put a chockie fish on it not flying in !

  3. You're on! I'll be there and will keep a pack in my backpack on the off-chance we run into each other!

  4. Morning Handbag.
    Best you mail it to me now - because I will not be at Omaka.