Wednesday 25 January 2017

Visit to Campbell Copters - Kerikeri

Jean210 was invited into Campbell Copters hangar at Kerikeri today.
 Bell 206B JetRanger ZK-HBB4 (c/n 231) spent its early years between 1965 and 1985 in the Philippines before coming to NZ to become ZK-HVC from 15-07-1985.
 In July of 1996 it was re-registered as ZK-HBB4. Campbell Copters operated it briefly from April through to July of 2006 and reacquired it in late December of 2013.
 Interestingly this Hughes 269C ZK-HRL2 (c/n 100889) began its NZ career as ZK-HBB3 before being re-registered as ZK-HRL on 08-07-1996.
Campbell Copters Ltd picked it up from November 2011.
 The Robinson R44 Astro ZK-HVQ4 (c/n 0235) is a 1996 model which was imported from Japan in 2004. After listing with twelve other operators it joined Campbell Copters in July last year.
Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IJP is c/n 12412 and went new to Outback Helicopters at Dannevirke from 15-09-2008. SCN Helicopters Ltd of Porirua became the listed operator from 21-09-2013.
It is seen here in SCN Helicopters titles.

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