Saturday 28 January 2017

Stratford is Sonerai Country

In preparation for the Stratford Aerodrome 85th Birthday celebrations today, three quarters of the local Sonerai fleet was out in the late yesterday afternoon sun.

Monnett Sonerais ZK-SNW, ZK-SNJ and ZK-SNG.  Have a great day Nick and thanks for the photo (from his Stratford Aerodrome blog).


  1. No worries

    Great day awesome crowd.

    36 Visiting Aircraft 232 movements for the day.

    Ditch Hardings display in his Spitfire was breath taking to behold displayed as a SPITFIRE should be.

  2. Nice to fly into an aviation event where visiting aircraft are actually welcome.
    Makes a great change from almost all other aviation events where at best visiting aircraft(and their pilots) are tolerated and at worse considered to be an inconvenient pain in the arse.

  3. Well said flyernzl.
    This is why I will not be going to Omaka this Easter.

  4. Actually, I may have to rescind those comments.
    I now find from my credit card that they have charged me $8522.00 to pump avgas into my Cessna 152.
    I know fuel isn't cheap, but even so . . .