Saturday 14 January 2017

Yak 18T ZK-SSR at North Shore Today 14-1-2017

Our only Yakovlev Yak 18T, the locally based ZK-SSR (c/n 07-40) was out in the sun outside the North Shore Aero Club today.  This aircraft was originally registered on the Lithuanian register as LY-ATL and was first registered in New Zealand on 24/11/06 to the Nayland Syndicate of Nelson.  Ownership transferred to  Andrew Park Electronic Security Ltd of Auckland on 20/5/11.

It sure has large doors, and on both sides.

 The preflight was thorough.

Good to taxy.

Take off with the big 9 cylinder Vedeneyev M 14P radial on song.

And off to the famous Saturday lunch at the Dargaville Aero Club.

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