Friday 20 January 2017

Convair duo at Chatham Islands.

Bob Newland sent me these two photos taken at Tuuata Airport on the Chatham Islands (NZCI).
Pics were taken on 18th of December last year.
Nice to see that Bob has the same problem that I had with the white fuselages against the typical cloudy background.
 General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580 ZK-CIE2 (c/n 399) in full Air Chathams Ltd's livery.
This was built as a model 440-83 back in early 1957. 
Its conversion to Allison turboprop model 580 standard began in August 1961. It was ferried from Alaska into Palmerston North on 16-04-2005 and registered a ZK-CIE on 10-08-2005.
ZK-KFL is c/n 372 and was built a a model 440-61 of similar vintage as ZK-CIE. Its conversion to 580 standard was completed in March of 1962. It spent six years in Sweden in the 1980's before going to Kelowna Flightcraft in Kelowna, BC, Canada in April of 1987.
If came onto the NZ register on 23-04-1990 as a freighter with Air Freight NZ Ltd until being withdrawn with the arrival of their Boeing 737's.
It was advertised for sale in January with 34,500 odd flying hours and was sold to Air Chathams Ltd - being listed to them on 28-11-2016.

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